A Short Story


After months of research we stumbled upon exactly what we were looking for, a pristine and high-powered formulation of oral ivermectin. Our next step towards our final goal was to produce a pill that not only withheld quality but also lastingness to provide the fullest value for our customers.

Almost a year of putting the pieces together we stumbled across Palghar, a town in the Konkan division of Maharashtra state, India located about 87 kilometers north of Mumbai, about 35 kilometers north of Virar and about 24 kilometers west of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad National Highway at Manor. By luck we met some great friends who guided us through the manufacturing process and what it took to develop such a pill. With the help of our friends in Palghar we finally had what it would take to create a fully functioning company… and wala Iver-M was born.

Purity & Longevity


Product Features

12mg Ivermectin sourced directly from the manufacturer, 100% the highest quality guaranteed


Ivermectin Is A Semi-Synthetic Antiparasitic Medication Derived From Avermectins…


Orally Administered Ivermectin Is Indicated As A Broad-Spectrum Anti-Parasitic For The Treatment Of Intestinal Strongyloidiasis…

Mechanism Of Action

Ivermectin Binds Selectively And With High Affinity To Glutamate-Gated Chloride Ion…


Animals Dosage For Both Domestic And Livestock Calculated In (Kg)
26-44 Kg ½ Tablet
45-64 Kg 1 Tablet
65-84 Kg 1 ¼ Tablets
85+ Kg 1 ½ Tablets

We Take Pride In Our Customer's Satisfaction

We understand our product and our customers… See for yourself.

Morgan Thomas
Morgan ThomasFather of Four/Business
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"I come from a family of veterinarians and have seen the benefits of Ivermectin since I was a toddler, but this stuff this stuff is the best product I've gotten my hands on in years."
Preston B. Cook
Preston B. CookDog Lover/Digital Advertiser
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"My dog wouldn't stop crying and I shockingly found out that she was very ill with worms. One cycle later involving these tablets and she's never been better!"
Danny Manson
Danny MansonFounder
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This anti-parasitic pill is a miracle. My dog got ill from some parasites he contracted from the outside. Ivermectin just cleared everything up. Happy dog. Happy life.

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